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Contaminated CNC coolant enters the coolant cleaner's Hydro Cyclone Filter at high velocity through the inlet opening. Using a whirl chamber, the liquid swirls downward in the conical separate chamber, its velocity increases. Solid contaminants are thrown against the walls, forced to the bottom, and discharged through a nozzle. As the whirling cleaned liquid approaches the bottom, it is unable to exit the restricted discharge nozzle. It then reverses direction, forms an inner vortex and seeks the clean liquid outlet. 

Features & Benefits 

* Excellent filtration effect up to 98%

* low maintenance and long duration.

* Separate contaminants from coolant

* Ideal for filtering ferrous and nonferrous materials

* Reducing coolant replacement frequency

* Increases life of grinding wheel

* Producing smoother workpiece surface. 

Applications : 

* HSS Grinding

* Creepfeed Grinding

* Surface Grinding

* Internal & Centerless Grinding

* Abrasive Belt Grinding

* Cutoff Saws 

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