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Blaztech offers a wide range of conveyors for handling metal chips generated during metal cutting operation. Built to the renowned Blazetech standards, these conveyors effectively handle a variety of metal chips & long, short, curly, bushy, broken etc. and a variety of metals such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass etc. These conveyors are custom built to suit machine tool and the application for which they are intended to be used and they help keep uptime of your expensive, highly productive  machine tool by continuously removing metal chips from the machine.


We supply high efficiency Chip Conveyor with Filtration Effect such as Scraper Conveyor, Slat Conveyor, Scew Type Conveyor and Magnetic Chip Conveyor. 



Combination of scraper conveyor and filter drum that effectively handles small chips arising out of cutting operations such as milling. The separation of fine metal particles from coolant is effected by the rotating filter drum of finely woven stainless steel mesh. The drum is driven by scraper chain and hence no separate drive is required and also no consumable filter media used. The drum is continuously cleaned by a pressurized backwash system. Coolant cleaning of up to 100 microns is achievable by this compact conveyor cum separator.


     Features & Benefits :

  •          Non consumables.
  •          Can be used in combination with filtration and separation device.
  •          Totally automatic operation. Automatic jamming sensor. Forward-Reverse logic
  •          Can be inserted in machine beds.
  •          Can be customized to suit your requirement.

     Advantages :

  •         Increase tool life
  •          Increase surface finish of components.
  •          Extending coolant life
  •          Reduces hazards waste
  •          Cleaner working environment
  •          Reduces machine down time

     Application :

  •          Grinding machines.
  •          Milling machines.
  •         Drilling machines.

The unit is custom-built to suit individual machine requirements and more drums can be added depending on coolant flow rate.


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