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Project Overview

Magnetic separator is instrument which cleans coolant  of very fine particles; it separate dust from the milling or grinding liquid. It has small and compact structure having strong magnetic power which can separate very fine particles. For super finishing grinding operations uninterrupted flow of oil is must. The magnetic separator make sure  the uninterrupted flow of the fluid.

A magnetic drum with close set magnetic field is assembled on non-magnetic SS shaft. Magnetic pole shoes are projected out to form vane”, for better magnetic field alignment around the drum. The drum is rotated very slowly by a geared motor drive.

A non-magnetic SS trough holds the dirty fluid close to drum. Magnetic dirt is picked-up by magnetic field & is attached to the finned drum.

Slow rotary motion dumps the dirt collected on closely contoured scrapers. Extended scraper removes the dirt collected to a bin. Size & number of vane is selected depending on the flow of fluid, viscosity of fluid &  amount of dirt to be handled. Positive rake scraper is selected for volatile fluid like water based emulsion while negative rake scraping is selected for oils. Negative rake scraper keeps the fluid away from bin.


  • Client Name:
    Mr. Nagesh
  • Client Company Name:
    Excel Enterprises.
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  • Client Comment:
    Working with Blazetech Industries was a pleasant experience. Work was completed on time and within our stipulated budget range. Happy overall.


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