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About us


Blazetech Industries is Leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier of Industrial filtration and separation solutions.

 Our application-optimized automatic, gravity filters and tramp oil separators are the result of our own research and development and comply with technical standards. 

We are convinced that Blazetech makes a sustainable contribution to improve the conditions of life.

Range of services:

  • To maintain and strengthen our leading position, we operate a large research and development department. Many of our developments are protected by patents and utility models. 
  • By means of customized engineering we supervise all the individual sub processes of a project – from outlining the requirements to the realization and operation of the system. 
  • We guarantee product and application related service worldwide and quick and reliable supply with GENUINE PARTS.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide engineering and innovative solutions for customer filtration requirements through collaborative design and through life support.

As filtration experts for advanced solutions with customer focus in the application areas :

  • Coolant filtration
  • Waste water Treatment  Solutions
  • Neat Cutting OIL Filtration
  •  Hydraulic Oil Filters.
  •  Chip Conveyors
  •   Oil- water/Coolant separator.

  The Company Management sees the following core values:
  • Integrity (honesty, high moral standards, loyalty, openness)

  • Employee & performance orientation
  • Social responsibility & environmental sustainability
  • Cultural sensitivity & respectful interaction
  • Confidence in each other

   Our development is based on the following corporate qualities :

  • Long lasting partnerships – commitment
  • International network – global presence for local solutions
  • Strong, independent, financially secure family business
  • Products engineered for both – standardization and customization

   As a solution provider with a high level of professionalism we strive for superior

Our Vision

To construct and develop innovative,pure and cost effective  filtration systems and solutions for production assembly lines.

  Managing Director.


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